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Prizmwear Chillīt™️ Olive T-shirt

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COOLIT® is an advanced moisture-activated cooling technology based on a novel polyol-hydrophilic polymer system that binds to fibers when it comes in contact with moisture/sweat and generates a cooling effect.

Most of our physical activities generate heat as well as sweat, causing discomfort. COOLIT® is an advanced cooling technology, specially designed for cotton and cotton rich articles to make them cooler up to 3°C.


Epic Product Features :-

  • Cooling upto 3°C
  • Made From 100% Cotton
  • Maintains Hydrophilicity
  • Enhances Wearer Comfort
  • GOTS approved, ZDHC registered
  • Environment friendly
♛ Ethically Made ♡ Vegan & Cruelty Free ∞ Durable ⌘ Sustainable Materials