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Top 10 Fashion Influencers to follow this year

Top 10 Fashion Influencers to follow this year

Influencer marketing is trending in the year 2022. Influencers motivate us, make us smile, and help us choose among many other things. However, the most-followed influencers on the internet belong to the fashion industry. They are making a huge impact on the industry through their styles, recommendations, brand advocacy, etc. Fashion is a sensitive subject - to each his/her own. There are tons of fashion influencers and bloggers in the industry. However, only a few have been able to rule the hearts of millions of netizens. Fashion influencers promote the kind of fashion that is compatible with their tastes and preferences. Fashion is a highly visible industry. It is under the scanner of the media all the time. Social media platforms are abuzz with images of influencers flaunting the latest trends. The most loved social media platform for fashion is Instagram. Here, fashion influencers can showcase garments, designs, trends, et al. Men turn to Instagram to get inspiration for Men’s T-shirt. There are millions of fashion influencers on Instagram, belonging to different parts of the world. It is difficult to come up with a conclusive list of fashion influencers, however. Yet, here are the top 10 fashion influencers that are changing the game with their unique trends this year

1.Rati Tehri Singh.

An entrepreneur, Rati initiated her venture, along with her husband, Sanjeev in 2009. A simple makeup blog, was started to give detailed information about products suitable to Indian complexion and skin. There was no relevant information available back then.

The blog was a hit and the duo started expanding it to cover different aspects of fashion to inspire women. Interestingly, the website comprises three blogs, one each from India, Dubai and the Philippines. The website now covers a huge number of fashion and beauty brands. Her venture has made Rati a highly influential woman.

What’s unique - the website describes Rati’s personal experiences with fashion and beauty brands as an Indian fashion influencer

2.Lauren Conrad

An American-born, Lauren Conrad gained fame through a reality television show, Laguna Beach, California. Her fame made her move to Los Angeles to make a career in the fashion industry. She did not stop appearing on reality television. She even appeared in The Hills.

Her fame rubbed off on her fashion line LC Lauren Conrad which she initiated in the year 2009. Later in 2011, she began another venture, Paper Crown. From a reality television star, Lauren became a highly regarded fashion influencer.

Lauren has been even featured on several magazine covers, including the most famous magazine, Glamour. (May 2012). This issue of Glamour sold whopping 500,000 copies, becoming the most selling issue of the year.

What’s unique - Lauren Conrad hunts for unique and singular items and supports the women who craft them.

3.Gianluca Vacchi

Fashion revolves not just around women, but even men. Gianluca is one of the top male influencers on our list. He’s not just known for his fashion. He’s regarded as a lifestyle influencer on social media. An Italian-born, Gianluca is a businessman with a present net worth estimated to be $450 million.

Married to a model, Gianluca Vacchi refers himself to be living the ‘GV Lifestyle. Very active on Instagram, GV shares his tattoos, trendsetting fashion, his body and even some dance moves. He prefers spending time with people like Zac Efron.

Yes, he is indeed the coolest man on Instagram, as described by GQ magazine. With his huge collection of elegant fashion accessories including T-shirt for Men and stylish garments, he keeps his huge fan base occupied on the internet.


What’s unique - Gianluca Vacchi is a multi-talented celebrity and his lifestyle makes him a social media star.


4.Zoella Zeebo

Popularly referred to as Zoe Sugg, Zoella Zeebo is a high-profile fashion and beauty influencer, not only on Instagram but on other social media platforms as well. It all began in 2009 when she created her blog that talked about fashion, beauty and lifestyle

She expanded her blog into a YouTube channel while working for the British clothing brand, New Look. She has made an impact on YouTube with different channels, primarily Zoella, her first channel. Zoella features videos on fashion and beauty products.

Zoella’s blog and YouTube channels won her several awards. In the years 2014 and 2015, she won the Choice Webstar: Fashion/Beauty award at Teen Choice Awards. She has a huge following on social media platforms

What’s unique - the quality of content on her site makes Zoella Zeebo unique and famous


5.Mariano Di Vaio

Hailing from Italy, Mariano Di Vaio (MDV) earned fame as a model, actor, fashion designer and blogger as well. His style is considered to be the most popular among all the fashion blogs across the globe. MDV garnered huge popularity as the face of his brand, MDV Collections.

From a simple blog, MDV expanded his venture into a sort of digital magazine that covers topics of interest concerning men, fashion, travel, movies, music, and sport. As a model, MDV even became the cover of popular magazines. He has worked with Hugo Boss, Cuccinelli, Omega, Cruciani, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and other famous brands.

MDV is a renowned face both on Instagram and Facebook. His elegant taste in Best Men’s Tshirt in garments and fashion accessories made him a Street Style Icon. Men take his advice on social media platforms for fashion and lifestyle.

What’s unique - the website covers not only fashion but different topics concerning lifestyle, travel, music and others


6.Aimee Song

Another popular blogger, Aimee started her blog in the year 2008. This was supposed to be a blog on interior design. However, gradually Aimee discovered that the posts that feature her performed the best on the charts. And hence, the blog changed the route from interior design to fashion design.

Her followers on social media are growing in leaps and bound thanks to her refined taste in style and fashion. Her blog features daily fashion photos and inspiration for the design. Apart from this, she has even initiated her jewellery and apparel brand that complements her blog

Her popularity made her collaborate with companies like Bloomingdale’s and Lacoste. This is not all. Aimee’s career is still centred around interior design. Yes, her fame as an influential fashion blogger has rubbed off on her main career as well.

What’s unique - Aimee Song does not wants to be a person who dresses well but a person who changes lives


7.Christine Baberich

She’s an Editor-in-chief and co-founder of the award-winning global women’s media company, Christine Baberich found her way to being listed as one of the top fashion influencers in the industry. A frequent public speaker on topics like new media, fashion, and content vision, among others, Baberich herself writes many posts on the website.

She co-founded the media company in the year 2005. The website reaches more than 175 million users every month, owing to the level of the content. And in the year 2016, she was chosen as the Top Women Leaders in the Media Industry by Folio.

Baberich is a brand consultant for famous brands like Yves Saint Laurence Fragrance, Prada Beaute, Nine West and American Eagle. She’s quite active on social media with a huge following on Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest. All her posts are centred around her recommendations for the latest fashion trends

What’s unique - Christine Baberich is a powerful woman who speaks her mind on fashion and lifestyle


8.Chiara Ferragni

An Italian blogger, fashion designer and businesswoman, Chiara Ferragni is very popular on the social media platforms. Her first book by the name of The Blonde Salad became the title of her blog as well. She initiated her blog in the year 2009. Just in a matter of two years in 2011, Teen Vogue listed her blog as the Blog of the Year.

By the year 2011, her Instagram followers reached 1 million, a big milestone. Her huge fan base keeps on growing at a rapid pace, owing to her taste in fashion and lifestyle. Ferragni is a model as well. She became the cover for many A-listed magazines, including thrice for Vogue.

Ferragni has earlier collaborated with popular brands like Christian Dior, Max, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vitton, Chanel, J.Brand, Max, Seven for All Mankind, and even Mara. interestingly, she even has her own Barbie doll. Mattel has created a Barbie version of Ferragni that sports Chiara Ferragni collection.

What’s unique - People like the story of Chiara Ferragni as a self-made woman


9.Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma initiated the website, Hypebeast in the year 2009. The content of the website revolves around lifestyle, streetwear, and digital products. It even sells fashion focused on streetwear. The site was originally started to talk about products that were trending in the industry, especially sneakers.

Owing to its popularity, Hypebeast expanded its range and started marketing and selling high-quality fashion products. Hailing from China, Kevin is quite different from other fashion influencers in the industry. He does not have any background in fashion.

While working for a bank, Kevin initiated Hypebeast as finance did not interest him. His interest revolved around fashion, street culture and music and that’s what his website was all about. The popularity of his website started growing and he gained recognition for streetwear and fashion coverage. His website has a huge following thanks to the interesting content.

What’s unique - Kevin Ma sets an example of how following one’s heart is more important than anything else


10.Camila Coelho

The Brazilian beauty, Camila Coelho, is a fashion and style influencer on the internet. She runs a website by her name. Coelho began her website in the year 2010. Her first post was a tutorial. The popularity of her website has grown ever since. Coelho is even a part of Fhits, a huge network of bloggers based in Sao Paulo. It was founded by Alice Ferraz, the famous fashion queen.

Coelho's speciality became her video tutorials that feature the looks of celebrities. Through her videos, she has become a popular face on YouTube. She has two channels on YouTube, one in English and the other in Portuguese. Each of her YouTube channels has more than 1 million followers. She even has a huge fan base on Instagram with over 6 million fans

What’s unique - Camila Coelho believes in letting the inner light shine that one is born with


The Wrap-up

The internet is flooding with influencers of every kind. We have listed the top ones in fashion and lifestyle. Others that have a huge following on the internet are Cole Sprouse, Negin Mirsalehi, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Caroline Daur, and Karen Wazen Bakhazi among others. However, it is up to you to follow the ones that match your taste and touches your life. Search and explore people on YouTube and Instagram for offers on men’s wear and tap their accounts. If their posts inspire you, then you need to click the follow button immediately