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Top 9 Fashion Trends for Men in 2022

Top 9 Fashion Trends for Men in 2022

This is 2022. The year that everyone in the fashion industry looked forward to. The reason is that the pandemic is far behind and the trend of wearing pyjamas all day long is a passe now. While COVID allowed all of us to flaunt PJs even at house parties, those relaxed days have just become a figment of our imagination now. So, from now onwards, all you men will have to hit the stores and queue up in long waiting lines outside the dressing rooms, however much you hate it.


How you wish that there was a fashion elf sitting in the dressing room and helping you choose a killer outfit for the weekend! Till we wish for such an elf, here’s a post that gives you a sneak peek into everything that would be trending in the year ahead for Men’s Fashion trends. I know that you think that it has always been easier for the fairer sex. Whether it is to choose the right outfit or flaunt it like a diva in every party that is organized ever, women do not have much to worry about. While some of what you think is true, there are times when even women wish for a fashion fairy! And of course, a detailed post like this, helping them select the best outfit that has ever been worn! 


The year 2022 has opened up a pandora’s box. Fashion has become gender-neutral and even age-neutral it seems. So, you can easily spot a man wearing co-ords and a woman flaunting a onesie. Take caution, the latter one is an exaggeration. The one thing that has stayed put in recent times is the definition of fashion. Fashion has become flaunting something that one wants to wear and is comfortable wearing (and flaunting).


Trends for men usually have a broad theme. It is very open-ended and unlike women, men are allowed some room for personal interpretation. We have put together all that is trending for Men this season. Add a zing to your wardrobe along with the staples of Men’s T-shirts that are much required throughout the year. This post will open up your mind and give you ideas to revamp your look for the year ahead.


1.  Denims, Denims, and more Denims

Denim is never out of fashion. They have been ruling the roost since times unknown. Fashion for both men and women has denim as the basics. Yes, the thing that changes is the style and fitting. From bellbottoms to straight fits to bellbottoms again, denim has been always there for us. Never discard your old-fashioned denim ever. Their trend might return someday. This season demands you to shud your typical combination of jeans and denim jacket and go for a twist.


Denim can be added to your wardrobe by the means of bucket hats, baggy jeans or frayed hems. Some of you might feel intimidated to sport a full-denim look. Fret not. Begin by including one piece of unconventional denim into your weekend look. Layer it if you wish to or flaunt the new you! What say?!


2.  Perfection is out of fashion for Suits

The Suits and work-wear always go hand in hand. It is difficult to ditch them completely. However, one thing is for sure the trends for officewear have shifted gears in recent times. Be it sporting funky socks with formal shoes or a character-print tie with a blazer, trends are changing gradually. T-shirt for Men has replaced shirt under blazers. Strange, isn’t this? The approach to suits has been re-thought and re-worked to make office wear more comfortable and less daunting.


The trend in 2022 is to sport oversized suits. Yes, this goes for both men and women. The current suits spill over from your shoulders. This does not make sense, right? But, it has definitely brought all body types to the same page. Suits are getting draped on the body rather than sported like a professional. Getting the length right requires some research on your end. It is somewhere mid-thigh. But it requires some finesse to pull this look off.


3.  Add a cherry to your sundae

We are talking about adding a tie to your suit to amp up the look. While some men are looking to loosen the nooses around the neck, others are out shopping for new ones. Workwear fashion 2022 has made tie an option rather than a compulsion. But, if you are one of those whose definition of perfection includes a tie, then this post is definitely for you.


When it comes to ties, you can opt for the good old broad ties or the newly introduced slim or skinny ones with your blazer. Instead of going for plain ones, choose between dots and textures. If you want to further amplify your corporate look, go for knit ties. Bold patterns like checks and stripes look quite good as well. Even if you are working from home, wearing a tie with your shirt and probably shorts will not do any harm.


4.  There’s always some room at the top

All those who were cribbing about slim fits have a piece of good news. That body-hugging pair of shirt and pants can be stuffed in the trunk for some time. They are not trending anymore in 2022. This year is all about oversized loosely fit garments. They are easy (to wear) and breezy, making you feel comfortable throughout the day. Super-light materials are here to stay.


Yes, we know that you have always bought a Tshirt Combo for Men. But it won’t hurt to have one shirt that is trending this year. This helps you look good and boosts your confidence in boardrooms while people are mulling over your presentation. Consider buying them as an investment as you can always re-use them whenever you wish to hide that bulging belly.


5.  Sandal up for the long year ahead

Who said that men wear sandals to follow fashion trends? For men, sandals equate to comfort and practicality. They are going to sport one, whether they are trending or not. Sandals have never been a part of their style quotient. Sandals give a break to shoes that are worn throughout the week. The right pair of sandals helps your foot breathe and stay cool. If you don’t have one, buy it right away as 2022 brings back the trend of sandals.


Did you know that men’s sandals have come to be referred to as Mandal just like man purses have become murses? The point is that fashion has become gender neutral. Whenever you men feel that something from women’s wardrobe is required by you, just replace the first letter with an m and start sporting it. Ain’t this very useful advice you have had in like a decade?


6.  The Bermuda Triangle Fashion

The love for shorts has never gone out of fashion, neither for women nor for men. This season is not different either. 2022 has lots of options for shorts for men, and those too comfortable ones. The length of the shorts that are trending this season has grown a little bit. And also the shape has changed, making them roomier. You guessed it right, the old-fashioned Bermudas are back into fashion!


Loose baggy shorts have made a comeback with the sound of drumrolls. You can team up the shorts with trending men’s t-shirts and just relax while going out on a trip. Make your pick from chino shorts, woven shorts, wide shorts, high-rise slubbed shorts, everlasting denim shorts, boxy shorts, and I am already panting. Basically, all kinds of shorts are in fashion in the present era. Please do not say that you do not have a liking for shorts!


7.  Bid Goodbye to Sleeves this season

Women have been sporting it for quite some time. They do not need sleeves to make a statement. All those men who were praying for the sleeveless trend have some good news to rejoice. 2022 fashion trends have allowed men to flaunt their biceps in sleeveless vest tops, cropped t-shirts, and whatever they feel comfortable in.


Men can finally bid goodbye to the farmer’s tan and let their biceps or maybe, even triceps run free. And if you feel shy then you have company, be it in fellow men and even women who sport sleeveless all around the year. Team up your sleeveless vests with baggy pants and you can never go wrong. Alternatively, you can wear a sweater vest with low-rise jeans for that indelible 90s look. The point here is to liberate the arm, that is!


8.  Long live the monochrome effect

If Patterns could speak, they would have been cribbing that people ditch them as easily as they include them. But this year, patterns have scored double brownie points. 2022 fashion trends depict that patterns could be worn in both tops and bottoms. And yes, both men and women can do that, without any hiccups, whatsoever.


If it was 2015, style experts would have banned your entry into the bar if you were wearing patterned sets or co-ordinates or even co-ords as they are now known. But, here we are, wearing patterned shirts with patterned pants and being termed as fashionistas of the day. They really look interesting if worn in the right way. For that ultimate patterned look, ensure that your accessories do not have similar patterns as the garments. To prevent the nightwear look, select a different pattern in the same hue and colour for the bottoms.


9.  It’s time to see through the veil

Level up your wardrobe this season with see-through tops or sheer tops. If you are not comfortable wearing a sheer top, ditch wearing it on its own. Instead, you can layer it up with a patterned top or even a plain one. There’s even a trend to wear sheer tops under oversized jackets. Sheer material is introduced into men’s fashion trends to add depth and texture to the look. And if worn in the right way, sheer tops can help you make an effortless style statement.


Celebrities have already started sporting this trend. And if you want to set a trend in your circle, then this is the time to stock up on a couple of sheer t-shirts. For a subtle look, choose a white mesh shirt with a sleeveless black vest underneath. If you want to go out there, wishing that all eyes roll over to you, then sport meshes in bold colours and patterns. You can choose between sleeveless or patterned sheer tops.


Wearing these can be a sin in 2022

While there were so many things that have been included for men in this season, there are some that are still a big no-no. If you do not take care of these mistakes now, your fashion bloopers will soon become fashion blunders. And you must have heard the saying, there’s no point crying over spilt milk, right?


Let’s begin with sunglasses. Yes, they are your staples, dear men. But you can’t sport ridiculous sunglasses with cheap designs. The second mistake that you might commit this weekend is sporting the wrong size of hats. Make sure that your hats are perfect snug. And yes, avoid straw hats with your workwear. Character prints are trending these days, alright. But you cannot go overboard with them, sporting them in every piece of style that you wear. While oversized clothes are in fashion, do not go overboard with the wrong oversized clothes.


That’s all for now, folks! We really wish that you are the hottest property ever in the bar, this weekend!