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About Us

Before we tell you about us, let us ask you something. What role does hygiene play in your life? And how important is the safety of your friends, family, and colleagues to you?

We hope you have a positive response to both of these questions.

According to various psychologists and dating experts, hygiene is considered one of the most important elements for creating an appealing first impression in professional and casual settings.

And If you have lived in India long enough like us, you probably know the number of viruses we live with.

This is why we bring you hygiene-packed T-shirts to help you up your game everywhere.

Your Prizmwear tees are designed to shield you against COVID-19 viruses and H1N2 bacteria by not letting those crazy viruses settle on the fabric. It makes you immune from viruses and makes people around you feel safe.

The silver technology in the tees neutralizes the infectious agents and minimizes the transmission of diseases.

And to make you even comfier during the crazy hot summers of India, we have introduced ‘Chillit’ T-shirts with sweat-activated technology, which means, your Chillit t-shirt cools you when you start sweating. So in case, you sweat out of nervousness, heat, or after eating spicy food, this t-shirt will always get your ‘back’(literally) by cooling you off.

What else is left to tick off? You are staying hygienic, relaxed during peak summers, and always in style while also protecting others around you, and we assume you got a great personality.

Now it's up to you to flaunt and make remarkable first impressions wherever you go.