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5 Benefits Of Antimicrobial Fabric

5 Benefits Of Antimicrobial Fabric

Antimicrobial Fabrics Stay Cleaner and Fresher Longer

Antimicrobial technology creates a long-lasting protective barrier on fabric, aiding in the fight against odor-causing bacteria, mould, and mildew. This keeps antimicrobial fabric fresher for longer, allowing you to wear it with confidence. Wash after wash, this long-lasting protection against potentially hazardous microorganisms continues.Antimicrobial Fabrics Require Fewer Washes

Antimicrobial fabric stays cleaner for longer and in between washings.

If a towel stinks less, you will wash it less because it maintains that “just laundered” feeling. New energy efficient washing practices do not get fabrics as clean. Adding antimicrobial product protection reduces the growth of odor causing microbes that remain on your clothes even after washing.

Antimicrobial Fabrics Keep Textiles Smelling Better

Sweat is a universal problem. When you sweat, the bacteria on your skin consumes the nutrients in your sweat and breaks it down, producing odor. Antimicrobial fabric inhibits the growth of unpleasant odors before they start on the garments by controlling bacterial growth.

Antimicrobial Fabrics Produce No Permastink

Given the proclivity for odour development in performance wear, which is frequently composed of synthetic fabrics, many buyers have had to rewash clothing that did not wash clean and began to smell once worn and warmed. The apparel industry and customers are both concerned about "permastink," or permanent odour buildup in synthetic textiles. Your customers won't have to worry about this with antimicrobial fabric.

Antimicrobial Fabrics Generate Longer Product Life

Bacteria and fungi can degrade textiles in many ways. Repeated washing also negatively affects the lifecycle and speeds up degradation. When laundering a product less because it is made with antimicrobial fabric, you extend the life of the product.